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Getting back to me…

Sometimes we go searching so far and wide to discover who we are to find out, who we are was right with us all along.


I Took the Vow

It’s so amazing how if you open your heart, your mind, your ears, and your eyes…opportunities to connect DO exist. There are so many people in this world that share the same beliefs as you do. They are there….they want to connect with you, we just have to be open to that. I was watching Deepok Chopra’s: Happiness Prescription on Saturday. It prompted me to go to his website which was full of amazing content that was right up my alley. I came across his initiative I Took the Vow. “I take the vow of non-violence in my thoughts, my speech, and my actions.” I felt so drawn in by the message he is spreading through the world….creating hope and peace in a time of such uncertainty. I Took the Vow….and I am so happy about it!

To be or not to be….

We are all faced with decisions every day.  Do this….do that….if I make this decision, who will I upset, etc.  Everyday I realize when I make a choice, it really comes down to…is this in alignment with who I truly am? I was ‘supposed’ to go to a concert tonight, had purchased great tickets, and it would have been a great show.  However, I just was feeling like being more connected and low key.

It’s OK to do what you feel is right for you!

And so it is!

I really never thought I would start a blog!  I have always been a thinker.  I enjoy journaling.  By choosing to journal online, my hope is that my message somehow, somewhere helps one soul….that’s it.

Today, I am feeling grateful to have wonderful people in my life who love and appreciate me for being me.

And so it is…I’ve started a blog.  Nothing too insightful today, but more to come….

Good night…